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The Dreams Factory

fabrica de sueños

The voice bank professionals for advertising, dubbing , narration….

The Dream Factory, as such, is our small factory where, through our voice bank, we produce artistic audiovisual creations, composed by professional speakers and actors in interpretation and dubbing, musicians, theatre and film directors, technicians in recording and sound and video editing.
Equipped with a professional recording studio The Factory focuses on creating audio stories, advertisements for radios and mainly for internet portals, audio books, e- learning and trailers.

Our main philosophy is the creation of audiovisual works offering speed; quality and delivering the results that businesses and individuals seek to publicize their products.

The Factory is an internet based platform because we are truly convinced that this is the real market potential, not only because of its size, which is obvious, but also because of the ease of transmitting data in a very short time, thus speeding up production and later delivery.

The different sections are clearly defined so that our clients can process their orders easily.

We would also highlight our independent promotions. Having more than . 7000 contacts with companies such as publishers, advertising agencies, writers, distributors, producers etc … which, added to the different social networks, offers each campaign added coverage .