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Locutores y Locutoras internacionales. Voces profesionales. Banco de voces

Professional male and female voices for advertising.Voiceover.Bank of voices

Maybe you are looking for a voice for your company. If so, welcome to choosevoices.com  You can choose the language you want, and if you want male or female. You can request a quote for your project with one or more voices, or request quotes per person.

Choose between more than 74 different languages and 2000 voices from all over the world.

Meaning that you can carry out your project, not only in your language but also in others for promotional campaigns in other countries. Or in areas where linguistic diversity is a feature, we have voices ranging from Ukrainian to cantons.

Voices for speech, narration, interpretation or publicity

In Choosevoices.com we have a large number of male and female voices specialized in speech, narration, and interpretation around the world to give voice to your project. Recorded in a professional recording studio, when seeking the recording of your, publicity,  e-learning, audio book, story, etc … you can choose the language, voice or voices of your preference.

Male and female international professional voices  in  different language

In choosevoices.com are voices for documentaries, TV series or video games, and with a professional recording studio, We work with more than 2.000 male and female voices, professionals in dubbing, interpretation, storytelling, publicity, narration..providing also the possibility of creating the project in different languages. More than thirty nationalities are available in our voice bank

Found your professional voice.

Male and Female, high and low voices, young and old, all that you need for your project at your fingertips. Just click on the desired voice and get a quote.


Voices for all the world. Our Ranking. Bank of voices

Voices for all the world. Advertising, narration, dubbing. Bank of voices. Voices professional national and international

voices for all the world. Advertising, narration, dubbing. Bank of voices

Make approximately a year now , after years working with voices, decided to create our Bank International of voices to give service to producers, publishers, radios, televisions etc… http://www.choosevoices.com/en/our-services

This year we have worked so that different projects would have voiced commercial, informative, narrative, educational…

which is part of the services that we offer. Has been a year in which we have known professional of all the world and entrenched customers that almost to daily  asking their budgets for projects future  http://www.choosevoices.com/en/get-a-quote-professional-voices-male-female-74-languages-2-000-voices

Have provided voices Chinese, Brazilian, Spanish, Russian, American, French, Portuguese…

Have decided give know a ranking of those countries that have state more present both in application of budget, as in visits to our Bank of voices and in works requested http://www.choosevoices.com/en/trabajos . Is our appreciation by making us grow, by give the opportunity to our voices and obviously by trust in us.

Professional voiceovers for  publicity ,e learnings,documentaries ,cartoons , corporate videos ,audioguides,narrations, radio spots…

In our website you can found over 74 different languages for your  publicity . Only work with professional´s voices .

In Choosevoices.com, you can select the voices that you consider will be ideal for your  switchboards, audioguide ,spots,tv ,advertising campaign, either female or male, in the tone of your choice to promote your product and for the market that you want to reach.