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International bank of professional voices in the field of communication.

Choosevoices .com is an international bank of professional voices in the field of communication, interpretation and dubbing worldwide. At we provide voiceovers to any company or individual that wants to promote their product in an easy and fast manner. You can access our voice bank where you will find the language of your choice, the type of voice, male or female, high-pitched, deep or medium, young voices, children’s voices or mature voices. All just a click away and all professional dubbers. Names such as: Héctor Cantolla, grand master of dubbing and advertising in Spain (Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Arnold Schwarzenegger) Kevin Cady, who for years was the voice of the Disney factory (goofy), Cristina Fargas (Meg Ryan), Tonya Simmons, one of the most important voices in the UK in dubbing and advertising … are some of our great names.

All these voices are contained in, voices that have been behind major advertising campaigns, dubbing famous actors, voices that in many cases are heard every day on the radio, reaching millions of people. Voices that are heard in theatres… in short, voices who know how to convey a feeling, an idea a message.  We offer, worldwide, the possibility of hiring the voice of your choice for advertising, film dubbing, dubbing of documentaries, or any other type of work in which one or more voices are required. Our voices are those of international professionals in the field of advertising, narration or dubbing.